Is Moneybookers Safe ? (hint: NO)

Moneybookers (now called skrill) has gained bit popularity as an alternate to paypal. Is Moneybookers safe? (or Is Skrill safe?) Many people assume that their money is safe in moneybookers just because there is no “refund” option, which is a totally fake and misconception. I’ll elaborate with an example which happened with me. Recently a […]

Moneybookers stole my money

Gentlemen, today I’m going to share my experience with the scam payment processor moneybookers (now renaming themselves as skrill to hide their bad name). I received a payment from one of my client almost 10 days back (almost 700$). The payment got cleared. I delivered the product to the client and after a week boom! […]

Is Moneybookers Scam? YES

According to the definition: Scam is a slang term for a fraud or confidence trick. And moneybookers fits fit into it! Let’s see how: Moneybookers don’t allow you to charge back the money Moneybookers “blocks” your account for all activity and terminates it, instead of limiting it and giving you a chance to prove your […]