PayPal launched new homepage interface

PayPal has launched a new interface for the homepage. It’s much more “broad” and involving. However, the new layout is only apparent on the url: and not others (like only or any other sub directly) Maybe they’ll roll out changes in the layout on other pages as well soon, as they should too. However, its […]

How to create recurring PayPal subscription link URLs

PayPal is one of the leading online payment processing website which provides alot of tools and features for merchants to sell their products online. One of the feature of paypal is recurring payments. You can generate paypal subscription link url and send it to anyone who wants to purchase monthly or any periods recurring subscription. […]

How to make a Mass Payment in PayPal

This tutorial explains how to make a mass payment using PayPal. Mass payment through paypal don’t only helps reduce the work load and tiring repeated work while sending the payments through paypal, but it also reduces the fee deducted while sending the payment (usually only 1$ is deducted, instead of 2-4% transaction fee when sending […]

Paypal donations can get you in trouble

Almost everyone who uses paypal is familiar with paypal donations options. We can create a donations button to be kept on our website or blog from PayPal and it can be used to collect donations from people. However, please note, that this is not as simple as it seems. PayPal also monitors donations and recently […]

Receiving Donations via PayPal? Hold on!

Recently I made a post on the blog for people to donate for Flood affected people in Pakistan. I added option to pay via PayPal too without knowing that it may lead me into trouble! I just received 2 donations (1 100$ and 1 20$ and bang! my account got limited by Paypal. Although i […]

PayPal refunds money to the buyer without investigating properly

Although i’ve been cheated through paypal yesterday, but couple of months ago too, i got a transaction disputed by a buyer in my paypal and it was a 100% fraud case. He received the service, and now he wanted to double his amount maybe! He filed a dispute case in PayPal, paypal held my amount […]

PayPal transaction dispute – another victim! (me)

I wish PayPal provides some decent way for transactions for the people like me who provide services and virtual products. I recently got scammed by a guy who sent payment to me via PayPal and after couple of days claimed to the PayPal that he didn’t receive any services. Paypal has put the amount (which […]