Fiverr 502 bad gateway

Just tried logging into fiverr and it’s giving me error! Fiver down error 502 bad gateway Fiverr is down, giving me error: 502 bad gateway  What is 502 bad gateway error This error usually occurs when there is misconfiguration on the website you’re trying to reach. This error has nothing to do with your computer […]

Missing – ruined it

How many of you really miss ? I seriously do! I wish they survived and didn’t merge with I personally don’t know the owners and team of scriptlance but they were one of the best freelancer sites I ever knew. Atleast much better than The design was just ok when was […]

Odesk ssl error – The site’s security certificate is not trusted!

Well this happened to me for the first time on I was just logging into for my daily routine workup, and suddenly got this message on chrome saying: The site’s security certificate is not trusted! You attempted to reach, but the server presented a certificate issued by an entity that is not trusted […]

How to post a job on Odesk (video)

I was asked by one of the fellow about: how to post a job on odesk if I’m working as a contractor on odesk ? This post will try to guide you about how you can switch to company profile and post a job on odesk as a company while you’re registered and logged in […]

Top 3 freelancer websites

No I’m not going to explain here what freelancing is, this post is just a list of top 3 freelancing websites which I have personally enjoyed and generated $ working on! Your list might differ, don’t forget to share your top 3 freelancing websites list. 1. Odesk One of the best! Their system definitely have […]