Odesk ssl error – The site’s security certificate is not trusted!

Well this happened to me for the first time on odesk.com.

I was just logging into odesk.com for my daily routine workup, and suddenly got this message on chrome saying:

The site’s security certificate is not trusted!
You attempted to reach www.odesk.com, but the server presented a certificate issued by an entity that is not trusted by your computer’s operating system. This may mean that the server has generated its own security credentials, which Google Chrome cannot rely on for identity information, or an attacker may be trying to intercept your communications.
You should not proceed, especially if you have never seen this warning before for this site.

Now this is weird. Can odesk.com, a professional freelancers hangout and work provider site do such a serious mistake of having a untrusted ssl certificate ?

Can I really trust odesk from now on for my payments and stuff . . . ? how secure is it ?

4 comments on “Odesk ssl error – The site’s security certificate is not trusted!

  1. Facing same problem, from today. Don’t know what to do. Its weird. oDesk is down. No idea how to fix it. Hope it works soon.

    1. Same here, showing certificate is in the name of cloudfare not only odesk but elance too.

      Is like our systems(network) attacked..???

      1. Amit if you’re getting this error on every website which uses ssl then probably your system settings need to be reviewed.First of all confirm that your windows date and time is correct!

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