Missing scriptlance.com – freelancer.com ruined it

How many of you really miss Scriptlance.com ?

I seriously do! I wish they survived and didn’t merge with freelancer.com I personally don’t know the owners and team of scriptlance but they were one of the best freelancer sites I ever knew. Atleast much better than freelancer.com

scriptlanceThe design was just ok when scriptlance.com was there on their own domain, however the system of contacting the buyers and the bidding was much more natural and effective imho.

Now with freelancer.com its all so messed up and hassled up that the simplicity and focus has gone.

Although Odesk and elance are much better than freelancer.com already, but freelancer has affected the market by acquiring scriptlance and vworker (and any other if I don’t know about them).


3 comments on “Missing scriptlance.com – freelancer.com ruined it

  1. That’s true, I miss Scriptlance too. Freelance is a stupid platform, try something else, they’ll ruin your life

  2. I also miss ScriptLance as I got my first project over there in my programming career. Those golden ways were really awesome…

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