Top 3 freelancer websites

No I’m not going to explain here what freelancing is, this post is just a list of top 3 freelancing websites which I have personally enjoyed and generated $ working on!

Your list might differ, don’t forget to share your top 3 freelancing websites list.

1. Odesk

One of the best! Their system definitely have alot that can be improved starting from website design, features n so on, but its still one of the best I have ever worked on!


I am not active on this site, but my team member and a very good friend is working on this site! Gets alot of projects and all goes fine. Although he have complains from them too! Specially with hidden fees and project management rules.


This is where I started first. Its not the top notch one, changed alot over these years, but they are quite simple and clean. If you don’t do fraud (including making multiple accounts) you will have no issues there! Their team is very good too and responsive!

Ok well I know elance, guru and other good ones aren’t here, but its because I didn’t have good time with them (yet atleast)

So whats your opinion about top three freelancing websites that you use? Please tell only the ones that you have used personally.

4 comments on “Top 3 freelancer websites

    1. thats great Faraz. Well I’ve found elance more of a “jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai” type, if you can “show” that you’re awesome, then you will get more work there maybe.

  1. Salam Nabeel Bhai !!!
    Nice post. I’m not gonna share any freelancing websites because i’ve just started working as a freelancer on ODESK (the number 1 according to you :)

    Hope It goes fine with me too :)

    and congrats for your 47,741(at the time of writing this comment) alexa rank. May you have a lot more.
    remember me in ur prayers.

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