Facebook is up again after 4 hours of downtime

facebook popout chat urlFacebook servers went down (confirmed in Pakistan) for almost 4 hours starting at nearly 12:30 PST.

The website are back up now at Islamabad, Pakistan.

I’m not very much sure about the cause of this down time!

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3 comments on “Facebook is up again after 4 hours of downtime

  1. my sister’s account was dissabled by mistake i requested with proof but no answer from facebook team that’s not fear she is tens about that she love her account plz help us

  2. my sister account was disabled by mistake she send appeal with proof..but no inable plz help her she is so worried about that thanku hopefully you give answers my question not ignoring plz thanku

  3. hope to retrieve my account and confirmed and are usually activated because it is very important. Thank Company Facebook “

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