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Facebook server down – for 3 hours now

facebook popout chat urlFacebook got inaccessible today at around 12:30 PST in Pakistan atleast.

Maybe its their regional server issue or some issue with internet service providers in the country?

Anyone know the inaccessibility of facebook (or any other website) in different regions?

Confirmed inaccessiblity:

PTCL, Pakistan: facebook.com

Witribe Pakistan: facebook.com gmail.com


The facebook server down is a different issue than the account being banned or disabled by facebook.

When the server goes down it’s because of their system having a glitch and fault, while the account disabling is a deliberate thing, either automatic or manual.

Many people are getting their facebook account banned or disabled these days, maybe they’re doing this to avoid the spam overload on the servers, to reduce the excess load on them?

7 Responses to Facebook server down – for 3 hours now

  1. princexsszehra

    my facebook account has been blocked by facebook plz opn it

  2. Nawabxaada Ibraam

    Plz plz plz, verify my account… I want verify secure account.. Daily my accounts are temporalary blocked.. :(

  3. mian safder

    someone blocked me that is why
    i am trying to open a lock on Facebook

  4. mary gomezperez

    my account says blocked on blacklist,what does it mean and how do i get it unblocked

  5. Sayyad Fahad Ali Shah

    i don’t know whats the problem i couldn’t connect the with face book.. i can’t tease some one els still but i face many many problems since many days.. so plz help me sir..

  6. Hilal ahmad

    My account block

  7. shahid kapri

    unblock my id

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