Techinline – Remote Desktop Support Software

Remote desktop softwares aren’t just required to connect to our home or office desktops from our homes (and servers too) but also to provide support to clients, friends or family too right from our own computer. There are various remote access and desktop support softwares available out there, some are free too (or atleast trial […]

Find and Download any file on internet using

Google is not the best place to search for the files we’re mostly looking for. Specially after hackers manipulating search results with the spam and made for adsense sites. We seriously need some reliable source to find the files we’re looking for now a days to avoid all the hassle every time. General Files and […]

Movavi Video Converter for Windows and Mac

There were days when popular devices didn’t support all popular video formats. Unfortunately, they still don’t. One device supports one format, second one supports the second, and so on and on and on. Just for example, you can’t play .dat format in mac without any third party software and you can’t play .rm in most […]

Stay away from scam web hosting site

Last year, I registered via a promo code to for a reseller account to test if it was better than my current webhost. Well, I wasn’t much satisfied with the service though, but keep that aside, this is not a review of service and servers. I used paypal account to verify – […]

Site5 hosting – not at all 99.9% uptime

Site5 provides pretty nice hosting though, but it’s not upto the mark which they publicize atleast! Every month their servers go down atleast 8-24 hours. Sometimes due to server backup thing, sometimes because of any other issue. Like today they went down too and reason was: One of our US Datacenter is facing a partial […]