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Google is not the best place to search for the files we’re mostly looking for. Specially after hackers manipulating search results with the spam and made for adsense sites. We seriously need some reliable source to find the files we’re looking for now a days to avoid all the hassle every time.

General Files and General Catalog are part of General World network. They’re a unique search engine that not only provide file sharing service but also linking files from other servers. The files collection includes detailed description too.

Whats special about this project? well it’s not just another links and file gathering website, they have a professional team divided into well organized departments for: planning, programming, advertisement, support and parsing. Which means the team efforts are maximum organized to deliver maximum to the visitors.

General Files includes a huge collection of files which can be searched and downloaded via the link provided, for free ofcourse or any other catch. Their files database is growing enormously and have increased by 50% in last couple of months only. This shows the efforts, enthusiasm and ofcourse professionalism of this file search engine dedicated team.

General Catalog is also linked to the same team of General Files, but with slightly advance features which make it even easier to search for your required files. Not to mention, they’re also free like other sites of the same project and visitors can host as well as search for hosted or links files in the database and free software directory with ease, all for free.

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