Pacebutler – Cell phone recycling and selling corporation

Out of many cell phone recycling industry in America, PaceButler Corporation is at the forefront who not only recycle damaged and unusable cell phones but also helps you get value for your old cell phone by providing a system where you can sell your used cell phones for cash.

What’s the benefit of cell phones recycling ? well there are many in fact, including that it provides a fair market price to the consumers for their old cell phones. It also prevents unused and old unusable mobile phones from being dumped and then polluting the environment by toxic components.

Pacebutler corporation receives and processes almost 70,000 used cell phones each month. Out of these seventy thousand old cell phones, almost 22% are deemed unusable and sent for recycling. However, the remaining 78% cell phones are tested in the company. The consumers are paid daily in all 50 states for their old cell phones.

On their website you can find a list of available cell phones in their inventory in an organized and well formatted way.

PaceButler corporation resells you cell phones in bulk to wholesalers. The wholesalers then refurbish, and/or resell them. They also recycle any phones that have no current market value.

Selling your phone at

To sell your cell phone at website, simply goto the website and follow the steps mentioned there, which are very simple and as follows:

  1. Get a free prepaid shipping label from pacebutler corporation
  2. box and send your phone to pacebutler corporation
  3. Get cash for your cell phone within 4 working days.

They buy you cell phone even if it isn’t in the perfect cosmetic condition.

Make sure you discontinue your cellular network service before shipping your cell phone to pacebutler corporation though.

Pacebutler corporation continuously update their price list. So if your cell phone is new and they don’t have it yet listed on their website, then just hold on for a while and they’ll add the price of your new cell phone soon.

Similarly, if your cell phone is too old and you can’t find the price of your model in the price list, you can still get it recycled via EPA certified recycler.

It’s hard to find companies who really value their customer and clients. Pacebutler provides a healthy atmosphere for its employees resulting in a positive, successful and healthy environment for company, employees and vendors.

Pacebutler values :

  • People
  • God and His Principles
  • Innovative and Creative Spirit
  • Strong Work Ethics and Productive Work Habits
  • Personal Accountability for Actions
  • Our Local and World Community
  • Personal Growth and Physical Fitness
  • Quality
  • Love, Hope and Faith
  • Teamwork
  • Respect and Honor

Their goals, as the Ceo states:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Financial Fitness
  • Attracting and Retaining Great Employees
  • Marketing and Image Building
  • Community Involvement
  • Technology
  • Organizational Growth
  • Quality
  • Profitability
  • Unity

Make sure you delete all you private information before shipping the cell phone to pacebutler and also make sure that there are no locks or codes applied on your cell phone currently. Best to ship them reset with factory settings.

You can sell as many cell phones as you want as their is no limit of selling used phone to Pacebutler Corporation.

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