How to buy / sell old cell phones online

You got a new cell phone recenty? you might want to change it very soon then . . . Every month or so, new cell phone model appears in the market. With this boom in cell phones development and new models coming to the market, the resale of the cell phones has increased too.

Some people sell their cell phones directly to the market, some through online methods. Which one is better ? ? Market usually don’t pay much. The third person involved in selling your cell keeps their cut too ofcourse. So imho, the best option is selling or buying your cell phones online.

Ebay? yeah right! To be honest, I’ve never purchased any cell phone from ebay myself till now. I’ve searched a few times on it, but never got comfortable buying any cell phone from them, instead got better deals of other sites, like

At sellcell you can get price comparison from all top phone buyers in US, ensuring that you get the best money for your phone. This enables you to figure out the highest and lowest price available for their cell phone.

Selling your cell phone at is really simple, you need to :

  1. Use the search box at the top of the page to search for the phone you want to sell
  2. Choose which company you want to sell your cell to and click ‘Sell Now’ to go through to their site.
  3. After you have clicked through to your chosen cell phone recycle company fill in your details and follow the instructions to post your phone to them.
  4. Once the cell phone recycle company has received and checked your phone they will send you payment. Sit back and wait for your cash or vouchers!

An easy and simple way to get best value for your old and unused cell phones. is a great website to buy or sell all popular brands of cell phones, including but not limited to apple iphones, blackberrys, samsung, nokia, sony ericsson, motorolla and so on.

It’s much easier and wiser to sell your cell phone online instead of selling it to a thir person / shop and sellcell makes it much easier than many other websites out there.

Checkout their website and get quote and sell your cell phone now!


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