Digg.com Redesigned – AGAIN !!!

Here we go now! Digg.com has more design modifications recently! We already had major update on digg.com design some months back, but looks like Digg designers are not satisfied by the design they made in the first place, so they now changed the Digg.com a bit! The top of the new digg.com design says: ? […]

Digg 4 alpha bug – import feeds verification key error

While going through the new Digg 4 alpha after receiving kind invitation from the Digg team couple of days back, i saw the option to add my blog’s rss to my Digg account so that all the posts published to it get posted to digg automatically. Pretty useful feature indeed! I tried to follow the […]

No Digg toolbar in new alpha 4 ?

Have you got invitation to the new Digg 4 alpha? It’s pretty much different and really a worth invited for version of the great site! Although it still have bugs (like every alpha release would have) but the features I’ve explored so far are really nice and useful ones (and were not available in Digg […]

Errors & Bugs in new Digg 4 – it’s really alpha!

Got up in the morning and after having breakfast turned on my laptop, thinking what to start my day with i decided to checkout the new Digg 4 alpha features and write a review on it. [i received an invitation to the new Digg 4 alpha yesterday from Digg team] Anyway, when i opened new.digg.com […]

Received invitation to Digg 4 Alpha

Today i got invitation to Digg 4 Alpha by digg team after some days of applying for their alpha site login. It’s pretty much new interface atleast, let’s see how different and well organized and feature full is the new version of Digg! When i applied for the digg alpha access this is what i […]

Digg submit new link error – fsockopen related

I have never encountered such an error on Digg before today. As soon as i started receiving this error, i tried searching on google for any previous posts related to this error while submitting a post link to digg by any other site or author, but didn’t get any information. While trying to digg few […]