No Digg toolbar in new alpha 4 ?

Have you got invitation to the new Digg 4 alpha? It’s pretty much different and really a worth invited for version of the great site! Although it still have bugs (like every alpha release would have) but the features I’ve explored so far are really nice and useful ones (and were not available in Digg currently)

However, have you noticed that when you click on any dugg link on, it simply pop ups that website without showing the digg toolbar at the top? I am not sure if this is permanent implementation or they will be modifying code in future to show the digg bar when shared pages are clicked . . . but they should, and ya! they will too hopefully because it’s . . . . don’t know! just imagine yourself what’s the point of not having the digg bar there? I tried looking in settings of new Digg 4 alpha just incase i can find any settings regarding this, but failed. Will appreciate if anyone likes to share any info about this !

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