Errors & Bugs in new Digg 4 – it’s really alpha!

Got up in the morning and after having breakfast turned on my laptop, thinking what to start my day with i decided to checkout the new Digg 4 alpha features and write a review on it. [i received an invitation to the new Digg 4 alpha yesterday from Digg team] Anyway, when i opened i was welcomed with a big ERROR which digg didn’t know about too :s just said unknown error. This is what i got on the page:

An unknown error occured. It is 6.9% likely this is Marshall’s fault

new digg 4 alpha-error

That’s cool… hide your errors by making a humor statement! Anyway i received a comment from one of our blog user yesterday too that he is getting error on new Digg.

Just wondering why are they disgracing Marshall . . . or are they trying to make him popular?

How long will it take Digg to stabilize it’s new Digg 4 alpha? or atleast have the beta release ?

UPDATE:  Received error again and it said:

An unknown error occured. It is 8.4% likely this is Rich’s fault

So probably they are just trying to be funny only?

UPDATE 2: These error statements name the Digg team memebers randomly with a random percentage. [Thanks to Arin Sarkissian and Ian Eure (the guy who added this error message) ]

UPDATE 3: Another new Digg 4 alpha bug – error when verifying import feed address

An unknown error occured. It is 6.9% likely this is Marshall’s fault

18 comments on “Errors & Bugs in new Digg 4 – it’s really alpha!

  1. the “unknown error” messages are random & list a random employees name along with a made up %.

    yup, the site’s really an alpha. things will break from time to time but we’re working hard and its getting more ‘n more stable every day.

    its back up now. enjoy


    1. yeah it was up later when i wrote the post. Actually (as you may guess) I am a programmer too and i can understand the glitches . I am really excited to see the stable release of Digg 4 soon! :)

  2. I’m the developer who added that error message. It’s an easter egg.

    It picks a name from a list of people who were working at Digg when I added it, which includes product people, developers, QA, executives, and so forth.

    It’s a freak of human nature that we give undue credence to things which seem exact, so the percentage is always XX.Y%, but this is also just a random number.

  3. Bring back shouts. Classic Digg really isn’t so bad (except for those missing token events).

  4. Very interesting, Nabeel. I’m part of the Digg v4 Alpha testers too and today I stumbled onto an error but I couldn’t report it cos it didn’t show itself again after several repeats by me so I’m not really sure if it was an error and even if it were, I wasn’t really sure if it were from Digg’s side or from my side. It was an error with trying to use the “Load More” feature to load more people who are following me.

    But in all, so far, my experience testing it has been calm and cool. And I must say that their new design is looking really great. Especially their new design layout for the Digg user profiles. I think it’s just awesome cos it’s more organized now and it looks cleaner and also it’s perfected with a white background, awesome :).

    1. well the design and background is not that hard to be changed, i wish they can give multiple design options to the users too.. main thing is the functionality of the website script

      1. Yup, you are right, Nabeel. The main thing is the functionality of the website script.

          1. Oh thanks so much!!! Nabeel :D I’m really glad you find me as an amazing person :). Thanks very much for visiting my blog too. I really appreciate it :).

  5. I was having the same problem – The Digg badges worked fine if going to the direct URL, but when viewing the post on the front page, or by clicking the “more” button, the badge always showed 0-Diggs – even when using the specific URL option.

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