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Digg 4 alpha bug – import feeds verification key error

While going through the new Digg 4 alpha after receiving kind invitation from the Digg team couple of days back, i saw the option to add my blog’s rss to my Digg account so that all the posts published to it get posted to digg automatically. Pretty useful feature indeed!

I tried to follow the instructions to add my blog’s rss to import feed option in new Digg 4 alpha settings but failed. I tried many times and still no success, then i realized it maybe just another bug or error in the new Digg 4 alpha (i reported it yesterday and however it’s still there)

When you try to add your blog’s rss feed address to new Digg 4 alpha import feed settings and hit verify after adding verification key in a post and publish it, it says:

Unable to find verification key, please try again – if this is an error, report this bug.

Hopefully they fix this bug soon! (and definitely not remove it . . .) Really waiting to have this wonderful (but vulnerable to spam) feature working on new Digg 4 alpha!

8 Responses to Digg 4 alpha bug – import feeds verification key error

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    basically i am an engineer (diploma in mechanical engineering ). i want to do short diploma course those will be eligible for start business
    help me

    • Nabeel

      what type of business do you want to start?

  2. Jebbica

    I was really excited about this, too, because constantly submitting and trying to have your stories pick up in search engines can get so time-consuming! I kept getting the error message as well, and I found this post trying to find a solution for it. I thought maybe I had to put the key in my feed somehow? I don’t know, but I’m ready for new Digg to get all their bugs worked out for sure!

    • Nabeel

      yeah, there are some really cool new features in digg 4 , but let’s see when the bugs are gone!

  3. kate007

    Where should put this key in my website.. Anyone can suggest me.. Try several time but still errorr… anyone got the solution please help me..

    • Nabeel

      In the title probably, but it’s giving error, that’s what this post signifies too

  4. Goosh

    I’m having the same problem. Are you using the Google Sitemap Generator plugin?

    I’ve tried everything to fix it and so far I don’t have a solution

    • Nabeel

      umm.. why did you ask for the plugin?

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