Twitter blocked in Pakistan – 20 may 2012

Twitter has been blocked in Pakistan today. According to the Ministry of Information and Technology Pakistan, has been blocked because it failed to respond to take action regarding publishing of blasphemous content. According to the ministry, the calls made to twitter authorities over the issue were not answered. In 2010, was blocked for […]

Twitter updated the layout design again

Twitter today released a major design alteration to the users. The new twitter layout is really exotic and much better than the previous one. One of the major difference is the change of “mentions” to “connect” tag. So the replies and mentions to your twitter id is now under @connect heading. Head on to […]

How to Bring Pakistan to top trends in Twitter

Today on the Independence Day of Pakistan, Pakistanis on twitter are trying their best to bring it to the top tweets and in twitter trends. But the problem is that their effort is dispersed. So how to bring Pakistan to top trends? We are planning to tweet at the same time starting from 8pm tonight […]

Twitter bug – showing blank page – solution (temporary)

I just tried logging into my twitter account and found out that I can’t see anything on it but a blank page with just the header there! Tried from chrome and firefox, tried logging in and out, but vain. When you try visiting any profile without logging into twitter, it opens fine, but when you […]

Twitter bugs and errors – while trying old twitter

You might have noticed the bar on the top of your twitter account saying: Welcome to #NewTwitter! Read up on what’s new. You can still access old twitter for a limited time. So out of curiosity, I tried having a few last look at the old twitter. Upon clicking the link button saying “old twitter” […]

How to auto post from Twitter to Facebook

With so many social profiles it’s pain to post your link or update on every network individually. There are many apps already out there which allow twitter users to auto post their tweets to their facebook status updates. Here are few facebook apps which do the same function of automatically syncing your twitter tweets and […]

Twitter replies not working – Bug ?

I have been noticing from a few days that my twitter replies are not being shown! When I login to my twitter account and click on @nabeelkhan I get a blank page or only one or two results! I tried looking for Google about this error but couldn’t find any info! (however I didn’t try […]

How to remove yourself from twitter list

Ever found yourself in some twitter list which you don’t want to belong to? Like someone created a list with some abusive name or something that don’t relate to you and you feel odd being part of that twitter list, or for any reason you want to be out of the twitter lists, this post […]

Twitter is over capacity – Again

I just logged into my twitter profile to update my twitter status and i just saw this message from the twitter saying: Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again. Twitter server went down and over capacity today on 1st May 2010. The social media network had similar event […]

“I Still Love You” – Trend spike on twitter

A couple of minutes ago i noticed that the twitter trending had a very strange phrase in it. Well not strange as a phrase, but it was strange to be there atleast! The phrase said: I still love you To be honest i thought it’s title of some news or movie recently released! but when […]