Youtube Monetization not available in your country [Solved]

This post helps fix the issue of youtube monitization not available, even if you are in the country that is eligible for youtube monitization. Scenario Sometimes, when you try to monitize your youtube channel by going to, (or monitization page from the youtube studio menu), you might see that the page says that monitization […]

How to install zenmate proxy on chrome (to run blocked websites)

There are situations in which we want to bypass the restrictions and access blocked websites on our network which could be blocked for any reason but it’s critical to load them at that particular time. Zenmate proxy for chrome benefits For example, youtube is blocked in some countries, including Pakistan. Yesterday a very good friend […]

Youtube working in Pakistan! unblocked ?

I just noticed that is working in Pakistan now. Not sure if its a technical error or is it officially unblocked here. Last week Rehman Malik announced that youtube will start working in 24 hours, however, its been 7 days since he said that. Upon contacting a few friends, youtube isn’t working on their […]

PTA will unblock youtube in Pakistan in 24 hours

Rehman Malik announced that youtube will be unblocked in Pakistan in next 24 hours. This might be a good news for alot of people as youtube is no doubt a really valuable resource for learning as well as entertainment, however, the reason youtube was blocked was far more superior to the value of youtube. PTA […]

How to stop youtube subscription emails

Youtube sends regular subscriptions updates to the users email address. These update emails from youtube are either weekly/scheduled or else immediate whenever a new video is posted in the channel you are subscribed to. If you’re getting too much emails from youtube into your email inbox you might want to disable them or else change […]

How to Subscribe to Youtube Channel videos update to your Email weekly

Youtube gives you an option to subscribe to any channel updates and receive them on your homepage wall or email (weekly) if you like. You can simply goto youtube and watch any users video that you want updates from and click subscribe button above the video on youtube, and it will be in your subscribed […]

Get youtube channel update in email

Youtube consists of channels and users. Each user on youtube has their own channel. Registered users can subscribe to any youtube channel and get notified for latest videos from those channels. If you want to receive email notification when certain user or channel posts a video specifically, you can do this by following these simple […]

Youtube sharing on Facebook working again

Almost an hour ago Facebook blocked youtube videos sharing. The sharing is resumed again. You can now share the youtube videos to facebook wall and groups again! Have fun!

Facebook blocked Youtube video sharing

While trying to post a youtube video from youtube to facebook, i received a message of message failed. The video sharing was working perfectly fine few minutes ago, but now it’s giving error. I am not sure if this message failed error is intentional by facebook or some other automatic reason! While trying to share […]

Get The list Of All Time Most Viewed Videos On Youtube

This tutorial will explain how to get the list of all time most viewed videos on youtube to the date. To see the all time most viewed videos on youtube, follow these steps: Get ist of All time most viewed videos on Youtube First of all go to if you are not on the […]