Youtube Un-Banned in Pakistan

Today’s fresh morning bought a smile and relief on many face of people of Pakistan when youtube was unbanned in the country (confirmed by me in Islamabad, today on 27th May 2010 – 0600 Pakistan Standard Time. There has been reports from various users from other cities about youtube being unbanned or accessible on 24th […]

List of Banned Websites in Pakistan on 20th May 2010

Various websites has been banned in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently on 19th and 20th May 2010 for the undefined period of time until further notice. they include: – for anti Islam videos and videos breaking their own Term of Service – for letting Everyone Draw Muhammad Day! event to be public […]

Youtube Banned in Pakistan – 20th May 2010

Recently the Pakistan Telecommunication authorities disabled Facebook in Pakistan but now Youtube is also banned in the country. As Facebook was banned due to specific event of drawing the cartoon of Muhammad (peace be upon him), there is no specific event which triggered the blockage of the video sharing website, Youtube in Pakistan. Pakistani authorities […]

How to Qualify for Youtube Partnership

Youtube allows certain video uploader accounts to become their partner. Many people inquired what are the requirements to become a youtube partner, well, here they are (as said by youtube not nabtron). To become a YouTube Partner, you must meet these minimum requirements: You create original videos suitable for online streaming. You own or have […]

How to change your Youtube profile picture

This tutorial explains how to change your youtube profile picture that is shown on your profile main page and with your videos. The profile picture of youtube is sort of avatar for your profile and identity. If you want to change your youtube profile picture, which is displayed as the display picture(dp) on your youtube […]