Unzip Files over FTP in a minute

I was just basically searching to unzip files over ftp but failed, however few years back when I didn’t had any cpanelX, I used net2ftp. An online web based FTP client which has many features unlike regular OS ftp clients such as filezilla, etc. It is often feels like falling in trouble when a client […]

Upload website to server – using ftp client tutorial

Yesterday, I got an email from one of my friends asking that he has designed a website for himself in dreamweaver, but how to upload it to the web server now? Well, for most of us, this would be a really simple process, but for him and many others it’s not so easy task. This […]

What are FTP clients and how to use them

FTP means file transfer protocol and ftp clients are the softwares which help people transfer files over the ftp. FTP clients are simple software, which need three things usually (sometimes four) to connect to the server which include: server (either your website name or ip address of the server) username password port (not needed to […]