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Compete XL – code not on homepage error

I was trying to install compete code on my website nabtron.com today. Created an account there and they gave me a competexl code to add it to my website which i want to be tracked by compete.

Well, i copied the code to my wordpress blog footer, emptied the cache so that the code appears on the footer to all visitors (and compete verification bot) but upon trying to verify the installation of the code on compete.com, it gave an error saying:

Copy the CompeteXL code, and place it on your site(s) to track Audience data.

Ya i know! it frustrates! tried a couple of times but didn’t work. So what was the solution? Here:


Ya! just wait for a minute, and then click verify again, or the refresh button right next to your domain name in compete which reads “Follow these 3 steps and begin tracking your site’s Audience Profile statistics with CompeteXL today!”

Anyway! so after a while, when i clicked on refresh again, there was no more error and the javascript code was in place successfully!

(btw it’s compete xl, not complete xl)

10 Responses to Compete XL – code not on homepage error

  1. john

    it is nice to research traffic, i am using it.

    • Nabeel

      well i am not using it for traffic monitory infact . . . but still it’s helpful :)

      • john

        i am trying to research competitors traffic. it is very useful. free one is enough for me.

        • Nabeel

          i don’t think their code is appropriate and trustable

          first of all, many people use fake impressions,

          secondly, their system works close to “proper” only if your competitor also have their tracking code installed on their site.

  2. john

    Really, you need tracking code for site data? i thought you dont need that at all. i will try to check out more sites.

    thanks for reply !!

    • Nabeel

      Without tracking code, they use various guesses and algorithms to find the stats for particular site.

  3. Anup @ Hack Tutors

    Wow! It worked friend! I have done patient as you say and it worked :) Thanks for sharing this helpful information :)

    • Nabeel

      patience usually helps!

  4. Anup @ Hack Tutors

    It was really searching for this in Google. But I was making mistake instead of searching “Compete” I was searching for “Complete”. :D

  5. Laurie

    Ahhhh…. Patience! Who would have thought? The same thing just happened to me so a quick search sent me to your site. I’ll wait a minute and try again. Thanks for the info! :)

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