How to create whatsapp group link

Whatsapp has launched the feature to generate a link for your whatsapp group and share it on web. Anyone who clicks the link can join the group without any admins adding them to it. This is really awesome feature for public groups for getting public into the group faster and more easily.

How to generate whatsapp group link

Note that the whatsapp group link can only be generated from the app on mobile phone. It won’t show the option to generate the link on mac os app for whatsapp.

To create the link on iPhone or Android, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version and then:

  1. Open whatsapp messenger
  2. Open the chat group for which you want to generate a publicly shareable link (obviously you need to be the admin of the group chat)
  3. click on group name on top (to go to the group info page, showing settings and members list)
  4. find text saying: “Group Invite Link” (just below “Add Participants”)
  5. It will show the page with group chat link and options to share, copy, generate qr code or revoke the link
  6. Click on the “copy link” option and page that link wherever you want to use it


You can revoke the link whenever you want by following the same steps but choosing revoke link on the last screen.

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