Symfony – Common errors

This post discusses and enlists common issues with symfony framework.

Site not working after server change

You might encounter error 500 when changing server or trying to host the site on localhost. The issue is really frustrating but funnily simple to solve!

To solve the issue, simply goto your root folder and delete “cache“. Simple :)

How to reset symfony admin password

If you’ve forgotten symfony 1.4 admin or any other user password and want to reset it manually via mysql database (through phpmyadmin for example), simply follow these steps:

      1. goto database, find table “sf_guard_user” and look for the user entry in the table
      2. confirm that the algorithm is sha1, use the “salt” for that user to generate a new password using this php code:
        $salt = '558c65ddfcf08309e21197e9f96e35ad';
        $password = '1234';
        echo sha1($salt.$password);
      3. Copy this password to the password field in your database

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