Cycorder App – Video direct path in iPhone filesystem

I am not sure if cycorder(by cydia) is the best video recording app out there for iPhone but it certainly works for me the way i want with only one bad side . . . no direct file transfer facility to your computer and no option to upload the video some where (youtube etc).

Yeah i know there are other applications available for video recording which have such features but the one that i tried didn’t have the landscape mode. If you have any better application that you would like to suggest me, please let me know.

Anyway, let’s come to the topic, how to transfer files from cycorder to your computer. You can access the files directly from iPhone file system and copy them to your computer hard disk. Well you need couple of things for it:

1. iPhone explorer or iPhone Browser (or any other way to access iPhone file system from your windows or mac OS)

2. a computer and an iPhone (ofcourse)

3. cycorder installed and shooted few videos.

So once you have an application installed on your computer to access the file system of your iPhone from either windows or mac operating system, simply connect your iPhone to the computer (or SSH – whatever option the program have) and browse to this directory on your iPhone to see the recorded video clips in the iPhone memory by Cycorder app:


If you are using some other iPhone video recording app and you consider sharing it with me please let me know through the comment.

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