Google Chrome includes free HTML5 Games

Google is launcing its Chrome 10 with HTML5 games integrated in it.

Google seems to be including all new features in chrome 10. Google will be integrating html5 games to the new chrome 10 (for free ofcourse!).

According to Google Operating System Blog, the Chrome 10 Dev Channel build will include two HTML 5 Games:

  1. Poppit
  2. Entaglement

So if you download and install the Dev Channel Build, you will be getting the games installed automatically with your Google Chrome 10. In case you don’t want the games to be there, you will need to uninstall them manually.

In poppit game, your primary objective is to pop groups of same color balloons releasing prizes. You win once you have collected all the prizes.

Entaglement is puzzle game on a hexagon shaped board with pieces of hexagonal shape too. You have to connect the pieces to make an unbroken line by laying down the tiles next to each other without going over the edge.

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