How to remove search from default on google chrome

If you installed msn messenger plus on your windows you would have noticed that now when you search via addressbar by typing a search term and pressing enter, instead of google (or your other default search engine) it uses search.

To remove plus network search from your browser (google chrome for this post) we simply need to revert the default browser in google chromes search engine settings.

How to get rid of plus network search from chrome and make default search engine again

1. Right click on the address bar and select “Edit search engines…”

2. It will open up the list of search engines for your google chrome. First list will include the default search engines, including google, bing and yahoo, the other list will be custom search engines, for me it was and

To change your default search engine to google chrome for example, simply hover (take mouse over) first option saying google and it will show a button saying “make default”.

Click on that button to make google your default search engine again.

3. Check and confirm by opening up a new tab and typing your search words and press enter. There is no need to restart your browser.

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