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World’s youngest Microsoft certified professional is hospitalized – Arfa Karim – Pakistan (16yrs)

Arfa Karim Randhawa is the youngest microsoft certified professional and belongs to Pakistan and was certified at the age of “9”.

She is right now in the hospital and doctors are trying as much as they can to save her.

Arfa Karim was admitted to the hospital due to cardiac arrest (heart attack in general terms).

However, doctors have given up hope for the survival for the young genius and machines can be turned off soon.

Any how, we might still have some time to pray for her health and life, and if not, then her life after death and for her forgiveness.

She was an asset not only to her family and Pakistan, but also to the world.

P.S media coverage isn’t allowed by the family right now, that’s why you won’t find updates on media probably.


Aarifa Karim, the youngest microsoft certified professional (MCP) had an epileptic attack last which caused damage to her heart and brain. She is still hospitalized.


Ali Moeen Nawazish, who was in direct contact with her family first said that she died today, but now he confirmed that she’s alive.

26 Responses to World’s youngest Microsoft certified professional is hospitalized – Arfa Karim – Pakistan (16yrs)

  1. Nadeem Khan

    How come such a small child get a heart attack ???

    Allah khair kare !

  2. Azeem Irshad

    Hope you get to get off the bed soon and make another record.

  3. Azeem Irshad


  4. Yousuf Khan

    We all must pray for her. Well, I am still wondering where did she studied and got certified by Microsoft at the age of nine.

  5. saima

    aoa how r u my sewwt ….. allah pak app ko sahat da ….assa bhi kya hooo gaya arfa…….allah pak app ko lambi umar daaaa …ameen n pakistan ka name roshan karna ki tofeeq daaaa ,,, ameen

  6. Rabia

    May Allah (SWT) give strength to the family and i pray tonight for miraculous recovery of this little girl, this must really be tough for her parents. My prayers are with them

  7. Saad

    Arfa…Fight For your Life…Your The only person…i am So Excited…Youngest Microsoft Certified…Your my Key to answer Those Peoples..Who say..pakistani’s Dont have talent…Please..Dont die on me..Dont Die on pakistan…Dont Die..i am Praying for you..not only me…every Pakistani whoz reading this..Is pRaying…..GOD will save you INSHA ALLAH

  8. Dallas


    From the United States it’s such a sad occasion. Hope she gets better and comes back to release Pakistan from its encasement. Inshallah, I will pray for her and will try to offer any monetary help as I can. I want her back up and walking around.


  9. nasir

    ALLAH (SWT) arfa ko sehat dein aur lambi zindagi dein.. INSHAALLAH AMEEN, YA-RABULALAAMEEN ,SUMAAMEEN.

  10. Unknown

    Arfa, may ALLAH bless you with heath AAMEEN and may you rise to become pride of your country once again INSHALLAH

  11. fatima

    Allah ap ko sehat dy.ameen

  12. SMKazim

    WE Prey for her heath, its is God Gifte for Pakistan and we are proud on her.

  13. mrs jadoon

    my prays are with you, inshallah tallah you will get recovered soon
    may God bless you with good health

  14. Hamm

    May ALLAH Bless Her Soon as Possible. she is just a Child Ameen

  15. Asif Ahmed Siddiqui

    She died yesterday…May Allah bless her

  16. Syeda Farwa Kazmi

    no she did not… she is mentally death.. prayers can bring her back to life.. her heart is still beating

    • Dr. Nabeel

      is her brain dead already?

      • arslan

        dr aisa matt kahe allah sab kuch sahii kar sakta hai

        • Dr. Nabeel

          Arsalan I’m asking her to confirm!

  17. Mazhar ali BADAR London

    My little star you must twinkle your eyes as soon as possible. What happened to your little tiny heart. Wake up quickly and say you were just kidding, otherwise millions of your well wishers are about to cry. Allah bless you with long healthy life. Get well soon.

  18. mahnoor

    MAY U GET WELL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE N DONT WORRY PARAYERS OF PAKISTAN R WITH U WELL NOT LOOS U LYK THIS N IF I WOULD HAVE TO GO 2 GOD I WILL BUT I NEED U U R PAKISTANS PRIDE !………now its apeal 4 world that rase ur hands n pary 4 her inshaalah aap theek ho jao gi inshaalah!

  19. Erum

    May Allah bless her and give her strenght to fight with death. She is so presious soul. We all love you

  20. Mohammad Ali

    May Allah make u better and u may become perfect and may Allah give u a long life my prayers are with u.

  21. Uzma Cheema

    Dear Arfa…You are our pride..we are praying for you..You will be in your senses before midnight Insha Allah..May God bless u.Ameen

  22. yuvraj jadhav


  23. Abdul Mateen

    Dear Arfa, I m really prayig for ur health. God Bless u by giving u a long life, U are the candle for us, for Pakistan.

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