Facebook and Google Revenue Comparison

World’s most popular websites Facebook and Google have been popular all over the globe with almost same number of fans. But there is something related to revenue generation by the two internet companies.

Despite the fact that Facebook has just started to pull $2 Billion dollars in revenue this year, which is still behind where Google was six years ago, internet experts still think that they are the true competitors.

Facebook is said to be worth ~60 Billion dollars. Private investors are trying to get stock shares of Facebook and has surged over the past couple of years thanks to private markets like SecondMarket, Second Shares and others.This may eventually make Facebook a bigger money maker than Google!

The following graph (by business insider) shows the comparison between Facebook, Google and Yahoo showing how Facebook is comparing to the monsters of the Internet. Yet we can see that Facebook revenue generation is far lower than what Google’s was when it was of the same age.

The slow growth in the initial years can be explained by the fact that both companies didn’t emphasize on revenue generation in their early years.

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