How Modern Communication Technology has changed Inter-Personal Communication

The world has always been fascinated with the ever changing technology, and the technological advancements have almost invaded the every walk of our life. Nonetheless, advancement of technology has definitely changed the inter-personal communication. People have adapted themselves with these advancements as they have made communication better, easier and more convenient. It is a hot topic of debate whether the modern technology has changed the inter-personal communication in a good or bad way.

Modern Communication Technology-crossing all barriers

Modern technology has given birth to various methods of communication, such as video conferencing and social networking websites. No doubt it has removed all the obstacles of time and distance as a person living in any part of the world can nowadays connect easily with any country, for instance UK telephone numbers. It has definitely proven to be a boon for different parts of the society which are linked with each other for business, education or association purposes. Call handling products help in reducing the costs of making calls and also enhance telecommunication services. Inbound numbers include 0845, 0800, 0844 numbers and these result in the increase in  number of received calls by manifold as people want to use a free to call number. They are also used by organizations to present a more professional image and to generate more sales.

Some people believe that because of the modern communication people seldom meet each other as they can communicate mostly through mobiles or internet. However, this fact cannot be denied that technological advancements has helped people to grow their long distance relationships. People can maintain their relationships even if distance separates them, and interpersonal communication can be easily carried on with the smart electronic devices. For example for a couple who cannot ignore professional commitments at the same time want their relationship to work from far off can get connected with each other with the help of video chats, messages and phone calls.

Social Networking Sites

Just imagine the role of Facebook in our lives, immense isn’t it? We are connected to our friends, share with them our feelings and keep contacting with them even if they are residing in other parts of the globe. Moreover, we know all about what is going on in the other person’s life and do not miss anything about the ones we love and care for. There is no doubt that technology and communication has shown the people a new charm of life!

There is another reason why we need social media. Very often people who do not communicate regularly are lost from the contacts. In an ever-increasing number of friends in our list, it has become easier to stay connected with all of them which was not possible earlier. Moreover, the social networking sites have given us another opportunity to rekindle the lost relationships by connecting with them again.

Face-to-face Communication

Another aspect in which technological developments have been taken as boon is an improvement in interpersonal face to face communication. For instance, consider the dating sites-isn’t it wonderful to be able to see and talk to your partner! People can see the expressions and emotions of the other person and this way their relationship may gain a faster and stronger foothold. Not just dating sites, getting interviewed and video chatting with our friends and relatives has become easier with the web cams and conference calls.


Modern technology has also helped people with disabilities as an individual having hearing impairments can take the help of the hearing aids to overcome the challenges. Similarly, with text messages on computers or mobile phones a person having weak vocal cords can communicate back and forth with others. With the help of advancing technology, the process of communication has evolved over the years by breaking many obstacles and yet many more path breaking discoveries and inventions will be soon coming in our way.

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