Top Selection Criterion when Choosing a Venue for an Event

Very often in life we need to host an event for the purpose of celebration, reunion, marketing or education. There can be many events such as, birthday party, bachelor’s party, graduation party, anniversary, retirement, wedding or even funeral. Venue is an important aspect of the event and it often decides the success of your event. To begin with you must make up your mind whether you want it to be an indoor or outdoor one.

Then proceed in choosing the venues while keeping the following aspects in your mind-

The number of people attending

This is the primary factor that decides the place of the event. Calculate the number of people who are attending and check if the setting will be good enough for keeping that amount of people comfortably. Small spot will mean discord and a bigger one will mean wasting of money. Again check if it has the proper infrastructure to handle that volume of transport that will flow in. What is meant is that the parking must also be considered along with the space in that locale.

You just print “R.S.V.P” in your invitation so that you can easily decipher what proportion of guest is turning up.  R.S.V.P means “please respond” in English, and if people are not calling up, you call them up to confirm.

Don’t forget the audience status

Your location must be befitting your status and that of your guests. Quality services must be provided and in case very classy guests are being invited it is better choose the banquet hall of five star hotels or resorts. This way your party will be enjoyed by your guests at the same time keep your image intact.

Guest convenience

Don’t ignore the convenience of the guest arriving. If you plan to host a party in some remote area, you will definitely get the hall at lower rates, but this will decrease your probability of guests turning up. Also, the place must have proper transportation and road after all no guest will enjoy your party after a long bumpy ride. In fact, it is suggested to choose a place in the heart of the city so that all corners may be able to get connected comfortably.

On-going Climate

Wouldn’t it be foolish to have an outdoor party in monsoon? Consider the climatic conditions- If it is hot the hall needs to be properly cooled. If it is winter, the hall needs to be centrally heated to offer your guests ambient temperature. Outdoor or open air parties are good for the beach and in temperate or oceanic climates, not in tropical climates.

Venue services

Your venue must have proper security. You would not want your guests to be robbed of their jewels in the parking lot, isn’t it? So ask for protection personnel. If it does not come with the locale, you must arrange it separately for the VVIP guests that are coming. Apart from this there must be proper fire-fighting measures in the setting like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinklers. Moreover, your spot must have proper first aid facilities, security cameras and power back-up. Check if your satellite phones work in and around the place.

The success of the event depends a lot on their staff, as well. Check the number of events that the place has been organizing and if possible get a set of referrals from their office.

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