How to Add new user (admin / author or other roles) in WordPress

So you want to add new Administrator for your WordPress blog? or maybe some simple user as a subscriber or author? Well you have came to the right place! Just follow through this tutorial to be able to add a new user to your WordPress Blog!

Note: You don’t need to edit any core files to achieve this, all new users can be added directly from the wp admin panel easily, yes! EASILY.

1. Login to WordPress Admin Panel

Login to WordPress admin panel by going to your blog admin panel. You can goto admin panel login page by going to :

2. Goto Add New User Page

After successful login to the wp admin panel, from the left menu, goto:

Users > Add New

This will take you to the new user addition panel. There you can add new users with any available of your choice.


3. Add User Details

On the next page, you will see a form with various fields including username, email address, password etc including user role. User role defines what this user will be capable of performing on this blog.If you want this user to be just a normal user on the blog, then chose the role of subscriber. If you want him to be the administrator of the website, as your current account is, then select Admin as the role.

4. Save

Once you have entered the details of the new user, simply click Add User and this user will be added to the wordpress user list for your blog. The user will receive the email on the email address specified in the form (with password if not unchecked)

This way you can add new users directly from the wordpress admin panel and enter their details and assign their roles.

If you want to change the role of any already existing user, then simply goto users and edit the selected user, and edit their details and role to the required one.

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  1. It’s looking too hard and I keep thinking of what I’d have to do still to make the look and feel work from a user (website owner) perspective – yes I could split up the admin area and probably add wordpress menu options for the admin framed areas, yes I could restyle etc. Yes I could pay another nearly $700 for “the wordpress amemeber integration package” and maybe still not get what I think we need..

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