Where can i find my wordpress api key?

Like many popular websites, wordpress also provides api key for your account. Api key is used by many plugins and other websites to connect to your main wordpress account without need to share your username and password to that plugin or website, hence ensuring your privacy and security.

So now the question, where can we find the API key for my WordPress.com account?

Well for that reason, (even if you are using a self hosted wordpress.org package of wordpress) you need to create an account at wordpress.com (yes, .com) and find your api key there. Follow this to get your profile and api key:

1. Create Account at WordPress.com

First of all you need to create a new account at WordPress.com

2. Login and get API Key

Once you have created your new account at wordpress.com (or you had it already) Follow this link to goto your wordpress.com profile main page and login to see your api key (image below)



Once you get your API Key from wordpress.com, you can use it in various plugins, including plugins on your self hosted wordpress.org package and other websites.

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