WordPress.org Moderator removing helpful links from forum posts

Yesterday i was helping a couple of guys on the WordPress.org official forums when some so called senior member got annoyed due to my reply. He assumed that i am trying to take away his [potential] client towards me! Well, what happened then? i asked that guy to contact him instead of me for further solution of his issues . . . but this didn’t satisfy him . .  maybe . .

So what’s next? after couple of hours, i went to my previous posts where i had posted some links to my blog posts which actually helped the user and they thanked, just to check, but what i found out was that instead of my blog link, it said:

[link moderated, please place pertinent information in Codex]

You can check this over here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/314942?replies=7#post-1225300

The links (this one and many others) were there for months, and they literally helped many users out there. As mentioned by the visitors coming to my blog too from there and posting thanks message in the comments on my site.

Anyway . . . its very much likely that it was a result of some effort of that furious so called Senior Member . . . i wonder what benefit he got by putting down my site links from wordpress and also breaking the chain that was helping hundreds of people.

I was not expecting such a biased attitude from WordPress moderators. It might be hard for me to be helping at the WordPress.org forums anymore maybe.

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