How to batch resize images in windows seven

Ever needed to resize a whole bunch of images at once without going through the tiring process one by one? Well you definitely can! Continue reading if you want to resize batch images in windows seven.

To resize batch images at once in windows seven, you can use Image Resizer 2.0 which is a clone of original Image Resizer Powertoy built for Windows Xp.

This clone is meant to extend the support of the powertoy feature to non-xp and 64-bit version of windows, including windows seven and vista.

Powertoys are additional programs that are released after original product release. Installing this Image Resizer 2.0 tool will add Image Resizer in windows seven right click context menu, making it very simple to resize one or many images with just a click of button.

Once the Image Resizer has installed successfully, just goto the image or images that you want to resize, select them and right click and you will find option to Resize Pictures.

Select Resize Pictures and select the size that you want the new images to be. Make sure you have a backup copy of your original images before testing this tool for first time atleast!

This tool don’t change the format of images, just resize them. It is in beta and supports all version of windows from windows xp till date.

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