How to change Yahoo Messenger Chat Nick Name

yahooOn yahoo messenger chat, while you talk to the friends/contacts, you might want to change your name shown to them at some time. Well, it might feel scary when some times we don’t find the place to change the name option! So here is the tutorial on how to fix this issue and how to change your nick!

1. Open Yahoo Messenger:

Run the main yahoo! messenger window and sign in.

2. Goto:

In main Yahoo! messenger window, top menu, goto (as shown in the image below):

(Top Menu) > Messenger > My Contact Details

yahoo messenger change nick

2. In the options window that pops up, simply fill / change the values for your name for the Yahoo! messenger name (as shown in the following image).

yahoo messenger

there, when you enter the new name, first, middle and last name, it will be shown as such in the chat to the contacts and you too. If you want to show your name to yourself differently, then enter a Nickname to you too

3. Save and Close:

Once you have entered the new name and nickname (if required), simply click Save and Close, and the new name will be used from now on to be shown to your contacts on Yahoo! messenger chat.

5 comments on “How to change Yahoo Messenger Chat Nick Name

  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I use the latest YM version but after I’ve changed my nickname as you described above the problem still persist. If I check my nickname from my friend’s YM account, my YahooID is still shown/used instead of my nickname.

      1. Yes, they already added me and I checked the nickname space in the contact details from my friend’s YM. It’s blank. Maybe, it’s Yahoo server problem?

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