How to Show/Hide Firefox Tab Bar

Firefox provides its users with the feature of tabbed browsing by having multiple tabs in yourfirefox Mozilla Firefox tab bar. This is turned on by default in firefox, however if you don’t want to use it and want to hide the tab bar, there is pretty simple procedure for that. To hide the tabs and tab bar in your Mozilla Firefox, simply follow this tutorial:

1.Turn on firefox

2. From the top menu, Goto:

Tools > Options


3. In the popup window of options for firefox, click Tabs in the top menu list. This will take you to the options page for the tabs for firefox.


Here you can select any options that you want. If you simply don’t want to use tabs at all while browsing, uncheck the first option open new windows in a new tab instead and Always show the tab bar

4. Press Ok.

So now you will have your favorite web browser with same features but not tabbed browsing feature in it!

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