How to check the version of Joomla! (from files / via ftp)

To check the version of joomla! that you are using on for your website you can simply login to the admin panel and see the version on the top right of the admin panel once you are logged in. However, some times there could be situations when you can’t it that simply, like:

  • you cannot/don’t have access to login to the joomla! admin panel
  • the admin panel template is edited and doesn’t show the version on the top right

So in that situation, you can simply check the version your joomla! is on your website by browsing through the files on the hard disk or via ftp to this file location:

<joomla! root>/libraries/joomla/version.php

Find and open/edit the file. In the version.php on the above location in your joomla installation, check for this part:

class JVersion
/** @var string Product */
var $PRODUCT     = ‘Joomla!’;
/** @var int Main Release Level */
var $RELEASE     = ‘1.5‘;
/** @var string Development Status */
var $DEV_STATUS = ‘Stable’;
/** @var int Sub Release Level */
var $DEV_LEVEL     = ‘15‘;

The release + dev_status is your joomla! current version. Like in this case its 1.5.15

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