How to connect iphone bluetooth headset

Due to weird and strict policies of Apple related to iPhone, most of the users think that they might be needing  an app or hack to connect bluetooth headset to their iPhone… which is wrong!

This post will show you how to simply connect your headphones to iPhone within seconds without any app or jailbreak hack etc.

To connect iPhone with your headphones using bluetooth, follow these steps:

1. Turn on bluetooth headset

Turn on the bluetooth headset to make it discoverable (usually done by sliding the power on / off button.

2. Turn of iPhone bluetooth

Goto iPhone Settings > General > Bluetooth

On the bluetooth settings page, turn the bluetooth on. Once turned on, it will search for discoverable devices and will show your headset listed there too.

3. Connect the headset

Once the bluetooth search for devices and lists your headset in the Devices list on your iPhone, click on the headset to pair it with your iPhone.

You are done with pairing the headset. Now you can use it to make calls and other stuff using it as your input (mic) and output(speaker) device.

4. Call using bluetooth headset on your iPhone

Now to Call using the bluetooth headset on your iPhone, dial the number you wish to call. Once the call is active, you will see one additional icon on the screen saying audio source. Click on it and it will show you available options as audio sources. Select the name of your bluetooth headset to chose it as the audio source and you’re done! Now you can use your headset as your audio source for iPhone and your hands are all free!

You can use any bluetooth bluetooth headset for this. Connecting iPhone to bluetooth headphones is almost similar in all cases.

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