How to do Multi Login on Yahoo Messenger (All versions – 8,9,10)

There are various patches available online to automatically fix your yahoo messenger to allow multi instances supporting multi login feature of the messenger, but the issue is that they don’t work on all versions of the yahoo messenger. Other than that the steps in this tutorial don’t need you to use any patch or program to fix your yahoo! messenger for multi login, rather you will know how to fix it directly from the registry within few minutes manually. This manual way of editing the registry to allow multiple instances of Yahoo! messenger to have multi login feature enabled works with not only the latest version of the yahoo! messenger (10) but also the previous ones.

This method works on all versions of windows (windows xp, windows vista, windows seven/7)

To start with, make sure you download and install the latest (or any required) version of the Yahoo! messenger.

Then goto start > run to launch run.exe (or press win + r to launch it)

In the text field for the run box, type regedit and press enter.

This will launch the regedit.exe program allowing you to edit the registry of your windows installation.

In the regedit window, navigate to the location:

HKEY_CURRENT_ USER\Software\yahoo\ pager\Test

In this folder, right panel, right click on the empty space and select New to create a new Dword value registry entry.

Name this value as Plural

Double click it, it will open a popup with a text box having a value, change that value to 1

You can change this value to 0 anytime you want to stop the multi login feature of your yahoo messenger.

Its done! :) you don’t need to restart your computer even. Just click on the Yahoo messenger icon as many times as you want and it will open the new instances of the messenger every time. Just login to the new messenger window with any other id that you want.

Note: If in your Yahoo! messenger you have chosed to automatically login, it will try to login to the same id every time you launch the new instance of the yahoo messneger for multi login purpose. To avoid this issue and error because of trying to login to same id automatically on multiple yahoo messenger instances, simply untick /deselect the option for login automatically on your yahoo messenger login screen and it will be fixed.

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