How to Delete/remove your shared link / video on facebook

If you have been uploading/sharing videos or links on facebook and by chance you wanted to remove it now . . and don’t know how to remove it . . don’t panic, here it is how to remove that link/video from your facebook wall / left column and/or links page.

Facebook has made their system quite straight forward, but not all people using facebook are tech savvy and can sometimes get confused when trying to perform various actions on the facebook. Some people may feel difficulty while deleting or removing the link they shared on facebook, it can be either a simple link or even a video that they shared on their facebook profile timeline.

How to Delete or remove your shared link or video on facebook

First of all login to facebook and goto your links page. If you don’t know how to goto links page follow this tutorial:

Once you are on the links page, simply take your mouse pointer on the video/link you want to be removed and facebook will show a remove button just on the right top of that video/link to delete/remove that shared video or link.

This will open a popup asking if you really want to remove this post, select delete option again.

This will remove this link from the left column on your facebook profile wall too.

I hope this will help you in removing the shared links or videos from your facebook profile wall. Let me know if you’re still having the difficulty in removing the shared video or link from your facebook profile timeline.

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