Where to find your shared links / videos page on facebook

Note:  This post is deprecated, click here for new method to find and delete facebok links and videos.

Facebook allows the users to share any video or link on their wall and share it any interesting thing they find to the friends that they have added in their profile on facebook. The shared links and videos can not only be shared from other websites like youtube to facebook, but also can be uploaded directly to facebook and shared to the friends int heir facebook profile. These can be images, videos or links to other websites and pages.

However, some people might find it difficult to see their own shared links/ videos list on facebook. Here is how to find the page listing all the links and videos that they have uploaded or shared on facebook from other sites like youtube.com or from other friens profile by clicking the share link.

How to find your shared links / videos page on Facebook

1. Login to Facebook

Goto facebook.com and login to your account to goto your facebook profile.

2. Goto your profile page / wall on facebook

Once logged in, you are on the facebook profile homepage, click on the profile link or on your profile name in the top most menu bar to goto your profile main page / wall instead of the homepage.

3. Goto links

Once in the profile wall page on facebook, look out the left column, you will find a module for links there.


Click see all to goto the links page.


This page will list all the links that you have shared from other websites like youtube.com or from other users profile that you shared, including videos, links to pages, or websites.

If you want to remove the links/videos from here follow this:


14 comments on “Where to find your shared links / videos page on facebook

  1. I put some links that show up on the left hand side of my page and I want
    to know how to delete them? I only want to delete one or two, but I don’t
    know how. I’ve tried to figure it out, but it was to no avail!

  2. Sorry, but I cannot find where it says how to DELETE them! Where does it say that? Am I blind? Please cut and paste the instructions on how to delete certain links that I put in my profile that I don’t want to be there anymore!
    Thanks for your help,

    1. :) on your my links page, when you take your mouse on any video / link it will show a link saying “remove” on the right side of it. Let me know if you find it or else i will upload an image for that.

  3. Thank you! I didn’t see that explained anywhere! I fixed it now and everything’s OK. Sorry I was so exasperating!
    Thanks again!

  4. Nabeel — I cannot find my shared links on the Profile page anymore. do you if they moved it somewhere in the new Facebook???


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