How to download VLC player for Free

I’ve noticed that many people ask where and how can they download the latest version of vlc player for free.

largeVLCThey look for the free version over google and specially torrents sites. However, they don’t need to do so. Why ? because VLC player is free by default.

Yes, you can download the vlc player from the official website just for free.

To download the latest version of vlc medic player simply goto their official website: and click download vlc button and the awesome vlc media player will start downloading, free of charge.

VLC media player is not just simple and fast, its one of the most powerful video and media player available too, free.

It plays files, streams, webcams and runs alot, almost all of formats of codecs without any codec pack needed (divx, h.264, mkv, webm, mp3, wmv, mpeg-2, and so on)

Vlc media player is available for windows, linux, mac osx and unix (check website for more os options)

VLC media player also allows media conversion and streaming.

VLC media player does this and much more, completely free of charge. An amazing media player indeed!

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