Facebook introducing graph search

Facebook has launched new Graph search (currently for limited US english population only).

Their website says:

Graph Search is available now in a very limited beta program for English (US) audiences. Sign up now to find out when you can start using Graph Search.

fblogoWith facebook graph search, you can search using normal english sentences like “People who live in my city” and facebook search will show you a list of people who live in your city.

You can also search stuff like

  • My Friends who live in Islamabad
  • My Friends who like rock climbing
  • My Friends who went to Bahria College
  • My Friends who work at PIMS
  • Photos of my friends
  • Places my friends like

You can also search for the restaurants your facebook friends have been to, parks, etc

This new graph search by facebook will definitely bring a drastic change in how people search and interact on facebook! really cool addition by facebook :)

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