Facebook Messages not loading – Error

Facebook messaging app “Facebook Messages” isn’t loading properly for me and giving weird errors (screenshot below)

While chatting, messages disappear and when try sending them they don’t go to the recipient.

Facebook Messages not loading – Error

When trying to open the full conversation, it takes you to the messages app but don’t show any messages, rather gives an error message saying “Could not load conversations”


It’s not just in my account, but confirmed in other fellows accounts too and the error persists.

Is facebook upgrading the messaging system to something better ? is it a maintenance going on? or some glitch or bug happened ?

Lets hope its the news of some upcoming improvement and addition in facebook messages :)

What’s at your end ? Is facebook messages working fine at your side?

How to fix facebook could not load conversation error

Possible fixes to fixing the facebook “could not load conversion” error are:

  1. Log out of the account and then log back in
  2. clear all your browser cache and try again
  3. try in a different browser.
  4. try facebook on mobile or smart phone via facebook application (for iPhone or Android)
  5. try the mobile version of facebook: http://m.facebook.com

Let me know if any of this helped you get your conversation working normally on facebook or if you are still getting the could not load conversation error on Facebook.

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