How to hide / embed files in JPEG image

Hiding / embedding files in images using windows is very simple.

The file type could be any, text(txt), exe, mp3, avi or others. Also, you can add multiple files too, not just one!

This trick is very handy when you want to hide files without any technical stuff or encryption knowledge and tools.

To accomplish the following task, you need to create a zip or rar file, getting winrar is handy!

These are the steps to create your image file with hidden stuff:

1. Create a new folder:

Create a new folder “test” in c drive. And add all files in it that you want to hide. Also copy the image that you want to use in this folder too.

2. Zip / rar the files you need to hide:

Select the files that you need to embed into the image only, and compress them to zip or rar file. Some times zip gives problem in later steps, so its better to do rar. Call the file or hidden.rar.

Now we have a folder “test” in c drive with the files, zip file, and an image file.

3. Combining files:

Now is the main part:

Goto start, type “cmd” without the quotes and press Enter.

type: “cd c:test” and press enter to goto the test directory

type: “copy /b image.jpg + hidden.rar image.jpg” and press enter (assuming that the image name is “image.jpg”)

4. Done:

The zip / rar file is not hidden into the image file, you can also note the image file size increase to make sure!

5. Accessing hidden files:

There are two ways to access the hidden files in the image.

* Rename the image file to “.rar” and open it using winrar and see the files.
* Secondly, you can right click and just select “open with” and select winRar to open it with!

You can extract the hidden files when you want to get the files inside it!

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