How to run your computer in Safe Mode?

Safe mode is a special mode to run the computer with just keyboard, mouse and display driver (VGA) loaded. So if your computer is not functioning normally in windows, it can still run in safe mode. That is why we use safe mode to fix the problems that can not be fixed in normal mode.

There are two methods to start your computer in safe mode. I will recommend to use first one.

  1. If windows is already running, reboot your system. If computer is switched off just boot it. While booting, keep pressing “f8” function key repeatedly. An advanced windows startup screen will appear. Highlight “safe mode” using up or down arrow keys and press enter. Choose Administrator for login.

For windows 98 or ME, press and hold Ctrl instead of pressing F8 repeatedly.

2. Click Start > Run. Type “msconfig” in open field and press enter. A System Configuration Utility window will appear.

  • On the BOOT.INI tab, check /SAFEBOOT
  • Click Apply and Ok. It will ask to reboot your system, just click yes.

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