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How to stop Cydia from reloading data every time it’s launched

Cydia, a wonderful app – exclusive for jailbroken iPhones, reloads data every time it is run.

This feature is useful, as it reloads the data and repositories for us. However it can be irritating for some of the users (like me!)

Now you can disable the cydia reloading on each lauch feature by installing a simple app named NoCyFresh i4. It allows users to easily enable or disable cydia reloading data feature.

To install NoCyfresh i4 on your iPhone simply launch cydia and search for this app and install it. (ModYourI repo is needed)

You need sbsettings to use this app.

2 Responses to How to stop Cydia from reloading data every time it’s launched

  1. whitegreyhat

    aIs this safe for Cydia? I am assuming there is a reason for the reloads, but yes it is so annoying, thank you.

    • Nabtron

      Well turning it off would simply stop cydia from updating on every load! that’s it imho!

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