How to transfer WiFi internet over 10km practically and cheaply?

There might be situations when you need to carry internet over a large distance. One might ask why would one like to transfer internet over 10km or more? Well there are several reasons!

Why would someone transfer internet over 10km

There can be many reasons for which someone would like to transfer internet over 10 km without any wires, including:

  • Getting internet to a location where there is no network coverage, there are many places like that
  • Spreading your connection to your alternate location where you would like to be able to use net. e.g. if you’re living on one hill and sometimes go on the other hill, you may want to provide net to that second hill too without spending a lot on another connection for that second location

How to transfer wifi internet over 10km

One good way to achieve this is by using old satellite dishes with slight modification. You need to put the usb wifi adaptors instead of LNBs.

It’s important to have clear line of sight between the sending and receiving dish. There should be no buildings or hills in the way and ideally no trees too!

internet over 10km

The line has to be perfectly straight, like it’s a beam of light being sent and received.

You can use expensive equipment for this purpose too, but one good way is to build it using an old dish antenna.

This post helps in building a wifi bisuad dish antenna

This technique uses just a few cheap parts along with a salvaged dish and some soldering skills.

Let me know if you have any better technique or improvement to this one or any other feedback via comments!

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