How to get 100 visitors per day

Believe it or not, having traffic to your website can be one of the easiest things in the world if done correctly and consistently.

How to get 100 visitors per day

It all starts with a small step. You can’t have 10,00,000 visitors per day out of no where. They say a thousand miles journey begins with a single step. So aim for the right step and then keep moving forward and multiplying those steps.

What do we need to have 100 visitors per day on our blog? Well first of all the typical tips including:

  • Have quality content that matters.
  • Write for people, this actually mean write what they are looking for, not what you think they might be looking for!
  • No need for a top notch webdesign, but it should be acceptably decent
  • Share content on facebook, google plus and twitter and every other social networking site
  • participate in forums
  • submit to stumbleupon and reddit
  • submit to directories

get 100 visitors per day

Now we’ll move on to some not much done stuff to geto 100 visitors per day on your blog. You can in fact multiply the effort ten times or on ten posts to get 100 visitors per day too and so on.

How to really get 100 visitors per day

Now lets come to the point, how to really get 100 visitors per day on your blog post.

Chose topics carefully

First of all, write on proper topic that’s searched. Don’t just write something because you think people would search for it. Simply speaking the million dollar trick in a stadium where people are yelling would not get attention of anyone. So choose what people want to hear.

Get ideas of what to write to get at least 100 visitors per day goto questions sites like reddit, quora, yahoo answers and so on. See what people are asking and then proceed.

Keyword research

Do keyword research on the chosen topic. There are many ways to find the good keywords including google search itself and keyword research tool by google too.

Back links

Yes, the most important one. Bloggers really don’t take pain in building back links to the posts and just keep on blogging, which literally results in their great content to vanish and disappear in the world of blogs. Give proper time for back links! work on it!

Hopefully by these tips you would be able to get at least 100 visitors per day to your blog and you can multiply it to number of blog posts so that you can have 1000 visitors per day and then 10,000 visitors per day and so on!

We will keep updating this article. If you have any point to add or any feedback please let us know through comments.

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