In C++, is it end1 (one) or endl (L M N)

My neighbors boy, 15 year old, asked me to teach him programming recently. Well i advised him a book for c++ along with a simple compiler. Anyway, after couple of days of banging my head on the wall with his INNOCENT questions, he asked me one thing, that is this word in the book end1 (end-one) or endl (end-L). Well, the answer is simple, its endl(end-L).Hope you understood the difference.

So as he asked too! what does endl means then? why wasn’t end enough. The logic of word endl is quite simple infact. It signifies: end-line (endl).

If you use end1 instead of endl for the c++ compiler (dev c++ in my case) and using code from (c++ for dummies) you will get this error:

E2316 ‘end1’ is not a member of ‘std’ in function main() at line xx

Although that was not the end of his curiosity! and made me realize that how irritated my teachers will be from me! :)

Happy learning C++ :)

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